Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hair Shine Spray

This is another double-whammy post because I'm going to say that this is a GREAT GIFT IDEA, as well as show you why...

Forever ago now, I had a "Favourite Things" party and my friend Sherri put a bottle of this hair shine spray in each of her gift bags.

My hair is somewhat fine (not baby-fine, but not thick either).  It's colour treated - sometimes by the box and sometimes professionally and with all of this and the onset of winter - it's pretty dry.

I find that box colours leave your hair looking really hay-like and dried out - so I've tried a few different hair shine products to get that healthy, shiny look.

For the most part they were oil based and while they made my hair shine, they also left it pretty flat and a little oily looking.  I have 4 or 5 little bottles sitting on my bathroom counter right now - I hate to throw them out because I paid for them, but then I don't want to use them and look flat and greasy.

(the inner turmoil of first-world problems).

Sherri gave us this spray and my world has changed!

Here is a before (salon coloured hair - so a better colour and more moisture than box colour):

Then this one shows my hair with a light spritz of the Hair shine spray:

It's tough to take a photo of your own head, and my bathroom lights have a yellow tinge to them, but hopefully you can see the difference?

The only photo editing I did was a little airbrushing over the freckle party on my face and a slight blush boost.  No edits to the hair at all.

I love this stuff!

It's kind of like a hairspray - but it doesn't have much hold, so I put it on after I've sprayed things in place - but the shine factor is WOW!

The pricing discrepancy between the US and Canadian versions is disgusting!
Americans - buy it online through Amazon for $14.  Canadians, buy it at your salon or buy through the US Amazon and have it shipped either to yourself or to a US border depot - there is no way, even with conversion and duty, that we should be paying $36 more for the same product!

Enough rant - this really is a great product and would make a great stocking stuffer!  (at $14, not $50)

Have a great one!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Great Gift Idea: Silhouette Cameo

This gift is a bit extravagant, but I'm posting it now just in case the Black Friday sales (or even Cyber-Monday sales) offer it at a discount.

I'm not kidding when I tell you  I LOVE MY SILHOUETTE CAMEO!

Not a sponsored post.  No money being received.  No coercion of any sort.


This thing cuts adhesive vinyl for walls, windows, mirrors, vases - anything you can stick something to.

It cuts out cards with pre-made templates so all you have to do is insert a sheet of cardstock and click "cut".

It can draw images - just insert a tiny little marker into the blade notch and it will draw out your images instead of cutting them.

You can buy iron-on transfer in several different colours (and even glitter too!) to make pillows, shirts and cute gifts.

It can even cut chipboard and fabric if you wanted to make a craft or sewing project extra-easy.

I love this machine!

If you already have a machine - keep an eye out for the Black Friday sales in case they have discounts on any of the materials above!


There is a smaller version called the Silhouette Portrait that works just as well - but has a bit better price tag.

Have a great one!

Mitten Drying Rack

I have to share this neat idea with you;
it's not original - Amazon sells a million different versions of this - but I've done it a bit differently...

this is our mitten drying rack:

All I used was a desk organizer (that had narrow dividers) and put it over my heater at the front door.

Please pretend you don't see all that dirt.  The front door is our most-used entrance, so it's always got a pile of boots and dirt and leaves and sometimes puddles sitting there.
I should have cleaned before writing this, but let's be real - the maid had the day off. lol

Anyways, the perk to this, over putting out a baking rack on the vent, is that the mittens are open slightly, so the warm air coming up through the vent actually has a chance to dry the insides.  Even putting mittens in the dryer, the insides are the last thing to get completely dry.

This little file organizer holds 3 pairs of mittens, or 2 pairs and 2 hats.

Even if your mittens and hats don't need to be dried out after a rough day of playing in the snow, think about how nice it would be to put on cozy gloves and a toque before you head out in the mornings!
This would certainly make my -20 degree dog walks slightly more enticing.

If I was smart, I'd hang a couple of command hooks on the wall next to it so the snow pants could get a little of the warm air as well.

What do you think?  Hooks here:

Maybe too much in too small a space.

I'm going to put some links here so if you aren't feeling the desk organizer you could still pick up a "proper" mitten dryer.

I have to have to say - this would be a great gift idea for anyone with a house full of snowy kids!

U.S.A. purchasing options:



(but at least my hands and head are warm) lol

Have a great one!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Great Gift Idea: Buy my crafts (please?)

About a month ago, when we were making the "Believe" blocks, my friend Lynn (of ENJO fame) was looking for vendors for her annual "Unique Gifts, Sweets & Treats" open house.

Feeling motivated with the success of our blocks, Amazing Amy and I  agreed to set up a craft table at her event...
which is this coming Sunday. (yikes!)

Papa has been hard at work cutting blocks and branches for me so that I could make more sets of "Believe" blocks as well as several other Christmas decor ideas - but I've been falling behind in the actual making part.

Yesterday and today were heads-down-get-er-done days.

Yesterday was sanding and painting - 3 coats - in between loads of laundry.
These are a few, but there are even more sitting in my garage.

I've wiped my hands on my pants so many times through the painting and gluing, that I'm pretty sure these bad boys will stand on their own!

Then today was Silhouette cutting day, mod podging and ribbon day:

Remember this from "Elf"?
Two of these for the table.

Saw these on Pinterest - 4 of these for the table:

The others are still drying, but I have three set of each of these:

Five sets of these:

Two sets of these:

*note - when you get to the bottom of the sparkle mod podge you'll notice a definite concentration of sparkles.  (oops!)

Plus 6 sets of these:

and a few dozen of these:

I'm pretty sure my lungs will be completely seized before the Unique Gifts, Sweets & Treats show - just from all of the mod podge fumes!

How is this a great gift idea for you?

Because I need you to come out to Lynn's event and enjoy the chocolate fountain and live music and PLEASE BUY THIS STUFF!

I can't bring it all home.

 Have a great one!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Paper Snowflake Ornaments

Amazing Amy made one of these for me about a year ago and I've had it hanging up in my kitchen ever since.

I often wondered how she made it, but hadn't yet taken the time to try one myself...

until this weekend.  

We had some family visiting and the girls like to try crafts with me, so after we finished painting wood blocks we snuck off to try some of these paper snowflake ornaments.

I'll start this by saying you can use any paper you want - patterned or plain white printer paper (after all snowflakes tend to be white) and in any size you want, you just need to start with a square.

For this snowflake I used 3" x 3" squares (approximately 7.5cm by 7.5cm).

Fold the square in half along two corners - or so that you end up with a triangle.

Fold that triangle in half again.

Cut two lines into the single folded side of the triangle (not the side with two folds) and cut almost to the opposite edge.  The cuts will run parallel to the longest edge of the triangle.

Open your triangle up and take the two centre cuts and roll them in towards each other.

Stick in place.
I used sticky dots, but you could use double sided tape or even glue if you have the time to hold it until it's stuck.

Flip the paper over so that the small roll is on the bottom and roll the next cuts in towards each other and adhere.

Flip back over and roll the last edge together and adhere.

It should look like this when you're done.

You could add some pretty ribbon and hang it on the tree just like this, but if you want a full snowflake, you'll need 6 of these.

Stick/staple together in groups of threes and then stick/staple those threes together.


If you are using large pieces of paper, you'll want to stick the 'petals' of the snowflake together where they meet the next petal.
For our 12" x 12" version we just stapled them.

I'm thinking that these would be SUPER-gorgeous if you sprayed them with a spray varnish and then sprinkled them with glitter!  

Love me some Christmas glitter!

Chloe wanted them on her tree right away so my dreams of glitter had to wait.

Beyond just using them as snowflake ornaments, you could use them as gift toppers or Holiday decor,  or what Faith did here - make a HUMUNGOUS one and hang it in your room.

Love you Faithie, Alex and Ju-Ju!

Thanks for a great weekend!

Have a great one!

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