Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Christmas Projects - DIY Blocks

The continuation of yesterday's post…

I forgot to give you the measurements for each of the blocks yesterday...

Here is the breakdown by letter:
(all wood is 2" deep)
H/B - 7.25"W x 11"H     18.41cm x 27.94cm
A/E - 5.5"W X 7"H         13.97cm x 17.78cm
U/L - 5.5"W x 11"H        13.97cm x 27.94cm
N/I - 7"W x 8.5"H           17.78cm x 21.59cm
T/E - 5.5"W X 7"H         13.97cm x 17.78cm
E/V - 5.5"W x 11"H        13.97cm x 27.94cm
D/E - 5.5"W X 7"H         13.97cm x 17.78cm

You could make these larger or smaller - any size you want - but for a true knock-off, these are the measurements.

One error I made when making mine was not putting the mod podge all over the letters before adhering them to the blocks.

I thought I'd smoothed them out enough that it wouldn't matter, but the letters did bubble up a bit and I ended up having to re-glue them down.
Just trying to save you a small step in the process.

Again, this is just one coat of the sparkle mod podge:

What do you think?
I even figured out that they used Times New Roman as the font choice.
(I'm such a plagiarist!)

I'll still have to decorate around it, but I'm awfully pleased with myself.

I'm thinking above my dining room cabinet maybe? (heaven forbid I block the remote).

And then maybe as teacher gifts?

Amazing Amy came up with her own version - look at how stunning this looks on her mantle:

It goes so perfectly with the star doesn't i?

Instead of Hallowe'en, her other side is usable all year long:

Only problem with the Craft Crew - I usually end up envious over what they've made…  case in point above.

I did figure out the cost of making these over buying them and it breaks down like this:

2 x 6 = $5.11
2 x 8 = $9.12  (I bought two because of creating several of these)
2 x 10 = $11.15
2 tester pots of Behr paint = $3.99 each
Sparkle Mod Podge = $8.39  ($13.99 without 40% off coupon)
Total:  $50.87

Broken down to ~48 pieces of wood (48 letters) = $1.06 each

So, to make the "Believe" sign on one side and the "Haunted" on the other side, I paid $7.42

To buy both sets from Grandin Road would cost $90.78

Well worth a little effort I'd say!


  Have a great one!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Halloween Projects - DIY Blocks

Poor Grandin Road…
my goal really isn't to steal business away from them, but when something is this easy and inexpensive, I can't help but share a DIY version.

Today we're knocking off the Hallowe'en blocks.
Grandin Road

Now $45 for 14 blocks comes to $3.12 per block.
Not bad.
Plus taxes, plus shipping and for us Canadians, plus duty.
It adds up.

So I got the Crafty Crew together and we got to work on our own versions:

The Grandin Road site actually gives you the exact measurements for one of their block sets (Believe), so Hubby cut up three pieces of wood 1 2x10, 1 2x8 and 1 2x6 to the exact sizes to replicate the ones I was pining for.

Then he cut them again and again so that all the ladies could have a set. 
He must love me eh?
That, or he didn't want me to spend the money on buying two sets. lol

I laid them out per the display and labelled the bottom of each with the letter that would go on it.

Now, you'll notice there are two letters on the blocks.
Turns out "Haunted" and "Believe" have the same number of letters, so I decided to make these work through two holidays.
Red on one side for Christmas and black on the other for Hallowe'en.

The other ladies did a much better sanding job than I did, but I'm going to say it was intentional - the Hallowe'en side needed a bit of 'patina' given the holiday right?

The edges were just done in white.

I used my Silhouette machine to cut the letters out of scrapbook paper, but if you're using a regular printer, just resize your page (or adjust your margins) to the measurements of each block and adjust the font size until it fills it.  Place your printed letter over top of your scrapbook page and cut through both at the same time.

Then mod podge the letters onto the wood.

I bought Mod Podge with sparkle because I wanted to try something new.
You know I can't resist a little glitter and Christmas and Hallowe'en are perfect excuses to add a little twinkle to your project.

Depending on how much sparkle you want, you may want to do more than just one coat.  I found this to be plenty sparkly (when the light hits it) so I stopped at one coat.


Hubby said the letters were blocking the remote signal, so they had to find a new home in my foyer window.

Check out what Lovely Lisa created with her set:

I haven't figured out the pricing yet, but I will.
Come back tomorrow to see how the Christmas sign turned out and I'll let you know then the cost breakdown per letter.

It was DEFINITELY cheaper than Grandin Road, and it crosses over two holidays in one!


Have a great one!

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Monday, September 29, 2014

DIY Front door mat

I've seen gorgeous front door mats through Wayfair, Ballard Designs, Restoration Hardware and Grandin Road, but I can't afford any of them.

I'd been searching around to see if I could find an inexpensive coir mat - the brown kind with the stiff bristles?  Even plain ones are pretty pricey, so I just decided to forego a mat for our front porch.


Walking through Dollarama today I found this:
It's a bit small, and it's not coir but THIS

is why I was okay with all of that.

Yup, $2.50!

I've seen funny mats that say "Nice Underwear", "Not you again" and the "Beware of dog" with a bite taken out of it - but my favourite was the one that read "The Neighbors have better stuff".

Did you catch that?


I love my U.S. readers, but I can't be having any ORS on my porch.

Time to create a Canadian version:

I used my Silhouette machine and cut the saying out of adhesive vinyl.
(This machine really is paying for itself isn't it?!)

Stick the outline onto the mat:

Mix up a bit of paint.  I used an army green and a silver - for no particular reason other than I had both on hand and I wanted to see how it would turn out.

You can do things like that on a $2.50 mat. lol

Dab the paint onto the stencil until all the letters are filled in.

I did two coats because the green and the mat itself were pretty close in tone.

Remove the stickers….

And voila!

I opted to outline the "neighbours" with a red sharpie - just to be sure that burglars know where to go. lol

I used acrylic paint for this project because my front stoop is covered, so this area really doesn't get hit with rain or snow.

If you want something more permanent, I'd suggest an outdoor paint mixed with a fabric medium so that it stays and is washable.

I may have to go get more mats - I can see a chevron one, one with fall leaves all over it, one welcoming Santa, maybe a birthday one….

Sorry to throw you under the bus Lara & Fatima. lol


(or if my neighbours actually get broken in to!)

Have a great one!

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pumpkin ideas - making pumpkins out of anything!

The "Crafty Crew" and I are working on a wood block project that I'll be showing you soon, but we had a LOT of extra wood leftover.

Truthfully, I bought  enough to make our projects and have extra for extra projects… getting these ladies together always ends up with more ideas and projects than we originally got together for. lol

This wasn't one of my ideas, but it sort of evolved as we were going along.

Take some scrap wood and sand it smooth (any size or shape will work).
I had some "Construction Orange" (Behr) paint leftover from my Hallowe'en road sign, so I painted them up.
You can see the wood is in pretty rough shape - for my purposes, it didn't matter at all.
Hallowe'en is about cobwebs and scars and all kinds of scary things, so this was actually ideal

I used the Silhouette machine to cut out some creepy Jack-o-lantern faces from adhesive vinyl - but to be totally honest, I could have just drawn the faces on with a black Sharpie.

I picked up some styrofoam candy corn and a bunch of fall leaves from the craft store to add as embellishments.

I also picked up a container of "Sparkle" Mod Podge.
I've used regular Mod Podge before, so I wanted to try something new…
and I can't resist a little sparkle.

Paint over the faces (if you use a Sharpie, make sure the marker has set completely before doing this step - you wouldn't want it to bleed).

One coat of mod podge was sparkly enough for me - you'll see it below dried. 

I cut a few leaves from my fall flower bunch and hot glued them to the top of the block, then topped them with the styrofoam candy corn to act as a stem.

Pretty cute right?

Both blocks have a single layer of the mod podge on them, but the one on the left is just catching the light differently.

An easy Hallowe'en decoration that can sit on your bookshelf, mantle, sofa table or even front porch if you super-size them!

You know you were born in the 70's if you get this...

Have a great one!

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Office ideas - when you're low on space

I started this post thinking I would write about my tiny little office space in the corner of my bedroom.

I have my $10 desk that I had mirrors added to, and my cork board that I made here.

I have a little "brag-art" with the article that appeared in our local paper and my yoga ball which is supposed to be strengthening my core and straightening my spine while I blog.  (doesn't work for me - I still slouch).

Underneath the desk I have my little Silhouette machine for cutting the vinyl letters for sign projects, and off to the right I have my Ikea Raskog cart.

I LOVE this cart!
It houses everything I need for my little office and it's on wheels!

The top shelf houses my filing system, the second is extra supplies and a spot for my camera to live and then the bottom holds my Silhouette materials so they are close by when inspiration strikes.

On the second shelf you'll see my little shower caddy from this post - well, if I'd thought of it sooner, I would have used the suction cups to stick it to the outside of the cart to house extra pens etc.  (Always a day late and a dollar short.)

Did I say I love this cart?

L-O-V-E love.

Check out all the uses people have come up with for what is supposed to be a "kitchen cart":

Nightstand/ bedside table

Coffee Station from Studio on Sullivan

The Art Cart from Suburble

Extra bathroom storage from Lark & Lola

Bar Cart from the Kitchn

Baby Essentials Trolley from A Little Delightful

Yarn storage for knitting or crocheting from HeartHandmade

Rolling herb garden from This Little Street

Baking cart from Studio on Sullivan

Laundry room storage from BHG

Craft storage from Crafty Goodies

Barber centre

Canning centre/Jam storage (no link)
It comes in grey and turquoise, but I've seen it painted red, yellow, gold - the options are endless.

So what started out as a sneak peek at my little blogging space, has now turned into a shopping trip for 3 more Raskog's. lol

Have a great one!


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