Friday, September 19, 2014

Business Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs of all business sizes...

This post is for everyone - from Arbonne to Tupperware.  From Mompreneurs to Franchisees.
It isn't about the size of your business - it's about growing your business to the size you want!

Sometimes, as I'm running my blog(s) and trying to come up with new ideas for crafts, DIY and recipes, I forget that I'm running a business.  Well, there is so much more than consistently posting and coming up with new ideas to keep things going.  I've had my blog for over a year now, but did you know that 50% of businesses fail within the first year?  As a business owner myself, that's a pretty scary thought that I have a one in two chance of surviving.

There was a survey done recently and it was to determine what the main reason was that businesses fail.  The results came back and the answer was "a lack of financial literacy".

Financial literacy - the Achilles Heel of every entrepreneur - is the understanding of the nuts and bolts numbers.  This is your cash flow.  This is your break-even.  This is what your margins are all about.  This is how your business runs financially and yes, this is your bottom line profit.

This might seem basic to some of you, but it's incredible how some business owners don't look at their profit and loss statement until the end of the year.  If you're not looking at your numbers on a consistent basis, how are you going to forecast? How are you going to understand your business cycles?  how can you know when to make adjustments?  It might just be too late - and that's why most businesses fail.

Well, I'm lucky to have someone in my corner.  You've probably seen my blog post on how Kathleen Mundy of Making Your Own Money cut my to-do list in half with her Frog Buffet seminar.  Her expertise spans further than time management.  She's actually known as the BOTTOM LINE QUEEN.  She's all about PROFIT - and it's so much more than just making money… she knows how to KEEP the money in your business.

In fact, she's hosting a business boot camp focused just on NUMBERS and FINANCIAL LITERACY.  It's going to help you understand if your business is strong and sustainable.  SHe's going to gel you find new ways to make profits in your business and how to find an prepare for financing.  She'll teach you what you really need to know to turn a profit in your business.

If you're in SouthWestern Ontario, you won't want to miss the live event in London and work in person with Kathleen.  Kathleen doesn't want to leave anyone out so all entrepreneurs across North America are welcome to join in the bootcamp via live stream!

Kathleen's boot camps normally cost $997, but as a special for 100T2D readers, she's offering a DISCOUNT of $100 OFF of the current price!

Get the whole boot camp for the low price of $397 if you register before September 25th!
(I think she's lost her mind!)

She's going to honour the discount on all pricing, even when the early-bird discount expires!

Register here and use Promocode: 100THINGS at checkout.

Plus, as a special BONUS just for my readers, she's including a private clarity call valued at $200!  (so really, the price of the workshop is only $197!)  Read this post to see what this one clarity call did for me!

By attending this boot camp live, or live-stream, chances are your business is going to have a much, much, MUCH better chance of survival.  
Rather than risk going out of business in your first year - you should really take this step.

Look at your numbers
Make that money grow for you!

Have a great one!

This is a sponsored post from Kathleen Mundy of Making Your Own Money.  While some copy was provided, I have participated in Kathleen's Frog Buffet and have had a clarity call and can honestly tell you that she offers business owners a plethora of ideas and suggestions to take your business to the next level.  The Making Your Own Money program is a valuable tool that all business owners should have in their arsenal.
- Shelly 

Before & After (and after again) - Octagonal table

Remember this table?

And do you remember what I did to this (poor) table?

And how awfully it turned out?  (I believe I used the words "Epic Fail" for this one.)

Well, I finally went round two with this little guy and got him cleaned up again.

Just to show you that no matter what you do, or how horribly it turns out - if it's wood, it can be fixed!

My before and after - minus the embarrassing middle screw-up steps. 

Uncle Jim - is this a better rendition of your high school shop project?

One dress - five ways!
Click here to see the most versatile dress in your closet!

 Have a great one!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Before & After - Sherri's Rocking Chair

This chair belonged to Sherri.

Actually, I believe it belonged to Sherri's mother first, then Sherri and now me (although I'm still hoping Sherri will take it back).

It's been loved - as all rocking chairs should be;

Someone had to lean back against this a LOT to remove the decal.
I'm imagining Sherri's Mom reading her stories in it maybe?

Time causes wear and tear on us all.  I think of these as the chair's crows feet.

Nothing a little TLC can't take care of.

If you are just starting to refinish furniture, I don't suggest you start with something that has spindles - these all have to be hand sanded (not with my Little Man ), so it takes some time and patience.

I could have sanded it further and stained it, but I had something in mind…  so instead I primed;

Then added my vinyl decal and did a light coat over top of it to stop any bleeding from the final coats of paint.

 I actually used an exterior paint for this piece.  Something about a rocking chair calls for a front porch or veranda I think, and this way if someone wants to use it for that, it should last.

Three coats later and with the decal carefully removed:

Ready to rock a couple more generations to sleep.

After all, this is what it's all about isn't it?


Thank you Sherri - and if you do change your mind - it's here for you.

Have a great one!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jockey Person 2 Person

You've heard of Jockey right?

If you're in North America, you probably know the name Jockey as it equates to underwear.

Well, the same company has a clothing arm as well!
The same comfort and quality as their underwear, but trendy and versatile for women!

I hadn't heard of Jockey P2P before this summer, so I was shocked to hear that this line of clothing is only available through home shows (multi-level-marketing).

I went to one show - bought too many clothes.
I went to a second show - bought what I'd forgotten at the first show.
Hosted a show myself and bought more.
Finally - I've decided to sell Jockey P2P!

Don't worry, I won't be writing endless posts about the clothing and harassing you (my friends) to host home parties….  I'm not much of a salesperson.
I actually decided to sign up to work it in conjunction with my second business - Daily Glam.

The pieces are versatile, fashionable and fit anywhere from XXS to plus sizes and many of the pieces are staples;  the pencil skirt, black trousers, flutter cardigan, tunic, leggings, jeans and they have a whole range of activewear as well.

If you are in Canada you can check out the online catalogue and order here.

If you are in the U.S.A. or outside - you'll need to Google a Jockey P2P Consultant in your area.

If I could only recommend one piece - it would have to be the jeans.

No word of a lie, these make even a bubble-butt like mine look perky and 'latina'.  

I LOVE these jeans!

I've heard people compare them to "Not Your Daughter's Jeans" which retail around $110 - $150 US per pair.  The Jockey P2P version has the same slimming properties - cotton denim with a spandex component - but are MUCH less.

Perhaps I'm not the best model to show the clothing off - but then again, I'm NOT a size 4 (more like 12-14) and if I feel cheeky (excuse the pun) strutting around in these clothes, chances are you will too!  
(Did I mention that the head designer used to design for Queen Latifah?)

There are a few things I HIGHLY recommend - Benjamin Moore Advance paint, ENJO cleaning cloths, The Keg's filet mignon, Tazo Chai Tea concentrate and Jockey P2P clothing.

Try one piece - you'll be hooked!

Have a great one!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More pumpkins...

Just a quickie post today - I didn't want to let a day go by without having something up - but this project really is minuscule;

I have these dried grass pumpkins, or maybe they're apples, and maybe it isn't grass but really thin branches?

I don't know what I have and I didn't know what to do with them either.

I firmly believe it attempting something before throwing something out.

That way, if it works - it's a bonus.  If it doesn't - it was going in the garbage anyways.

Last week I attempted to cover them in Scotch Expressions tape:

Not good.

Then, when I was painting the other pumpkins for my Hallowe'en display, I decided to share some of the black spray paint around:

Better, but still missing something?

I like the texture, but it needs a bit of colour don't you think?

Not sure if this was the correct shot of colour, but until I come up with something better, it'll do.

Perhaps orange glitter?

Sorry it's a short one - I've been working on furniture again, so I'll have some before and afters to share soon!

 Have a great one!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Winners - Face of Pink Ink 2014/15

If you are a regular reader of this blog you'll know that I was a team member for the Face of Pink Ink 2014.
The reason I wanted to be part of this program was because of what it did for women;
Women of all ages, cultures, shapes and sizes.
Women that walked in with their proverbial 'tail between their legs', and walked out tall, poised, proud and feeling good about themselves.
I was honoured to be part of this program.

Part I of the program was to write a brief essay on what beauty meant to you.  The essays were beautiful, and very synonymous in that they each spoke more of inner than outward beauty.

The second part - and I participated in this as well - was the makeover….
You literally handed yourself over to a team of hairstylists, makeup artists, wardrobe specialists and even a professional jewelry consultant and they took care of you so that your outward beauty matched your inner.
Participants were given a bag full of goodies to take with them as well.

Part III was the photo shoot.  You were posed and lit and photographed to capture the new you - and you were able to keep a photo from the session.

Finally, the voting;  
Albums, broken down into three age groups, were put up on 10 different Facebook pages for public voting.  The top 9 were selected out and then a panel of professionals finished the task.

Today, I'm thrilled to announce the 3 winners of the Face of Pink Ink 2014/15:

Kathleen Mundy!

When I think of beauty I think of the glow from confidence. As women, we often shame ourselves into believing we aren’t good enough or tall enough or pretty enough or young enough... but what I’ve learned in my 63 years is that when we have confidence we are all of these things and more. Confidence, no matter the source, can help us walk taller, speak first when meeting people and take the first step into a world of future possibilities. I gain confidence from all things feminine, not frilly. I love beautiful make-up, shiny hair, a crisp white blouse and a great pair of stilettos. These outward traits of societal beauty help us blossom to the point of seeing the true beauty of a soft smile, a kind word or a helping hand. Beauty is knowing you are loved and honored for what you give to the world. True beauty is the gift of experiencing joy as we pay it forward to the next heart.

Mary-Ann Cuglietta Fougere!

Beauty is not just the outside, but the inside. Being kind, generous, friendly and a good person makes you a beautiful person. I believe when your inner beauty is in place, you exude outer beauty. 

Shaunacey Bonneville!

 I have struggled with confidence because I mistakenly associated beauty with looking a certain way. I finally became more confident when I started to realize we all have the capacity to be truly beautiful and appearance has little to do with it. It’s about knowing, accepting and loving yourself. It’s about being brave, confident and standing up for what you believe in. It’s being able to laugh, even in the hard times. The most beautiful people I know not only love themselves, but truly care about others and work very hard to fight against injustice and oppression and do it all with a genuine smile on their face.
(click on their names to learn more about their businesses)

From Jen and Rita of Pink Ink:

The 2014-2015 Faces of Pink InkWhat a whirlwind of a summer.  We had a fantastic time with FOUR Face of Pink Ink photoshoots this year.  We have to thank all of you for helping to choose the three women who will represent Pink Ink as well as our sponsors for helping to provide the ladies with an experience they will not soon forget.  We are so excited for them AND for us.  We have a social worker, teacher and business entrepreneur!  They are diverse, beautiful and we are honored to have them.  They will each be featured on our blog in the month of November.  Thank you to our judges - Denise PelleyMichelle De Corneille Sullivan and Carmina de Young our guest judges for helping make this difficult decision.  

Denise Pelley
Michelle De Corneille Sullivan

Carmina de Young

Last year's winners





For more information on The Face of Pink Ink or to learn more about next year's contest check their website here.

Love and gratitude to all of the sponsors of the program and the team members that made it all happen.  Please send some love to Gold Sponsor: Lynn at ENJO Canada and click any of the ad links at the bottom of the blog to shop/consult with the other businesses involved.

Congratulations to everyone that participated in the program - we truly hope you all feel beautiful.

Have a great one!